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Friends of The Friends, Friends of Literacy

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Trash to Treasure

Discarded art books were donated to art instructor extraordinaire Amanda Roth at RUHS, who in turn provided them to her students as raw materials for art pieces. One of her amazing art students, Elliot Hirschi, cut and layered pictures to create this unique and amazing piece. Is there no limit to what books can do? In the right hands, of course! Bravo!

Be sure to visit our friends at Dave’s Olde Book Shop

Libraries for Seniors

We are collaborating with local Senior Living Centers to create libraries in their communities. We have provided books and movies, as well as information about free digital resources!


About Our Librarian Artist

Vicky Kasparian

Vicky Kasparian is a local artist. She lives in Redondo Beach, CA and she’s proudly employed by the Redondo Beach Public Library.
She is inspired by her travels, every day life, the ocean and harbors a deep appreciation for nature.
She enjoys working with watercolors as a painting medium because of their sheer, organic and flowing nature.
She also uses acrylic paints for a more vivid expression of how she feels.
Her paintings are very light and uplifting.
She is proud to show her work at the Friends of the Library.

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